We live in special times, when the rat race for money seems to have debased our world. Our planet has been turned upside down by a virus, and predictions are that we are on the eve of an unprecedented financial crisis. The recession of 2008  arose due to lending expensive mortgages to people who could not afford them long-term. Ultimately, this caused major destruction in the real estate industry. Fast guys with big cars, big watches, and smooth talk told us about “building here, building there” and too many people fell prey to the lure of ostentatious wealth.

         This story is about those fast boys, and what happens when one of them is suddenly cut off from endless access to financial resources. What is left then? If he can no longer afford to open endless bottles of rosé on the terrace, will he finally understand that there is more to life than what money can buy?

         Some people have to learn the hard way about the essential nature of the connection with people who care. It is the most important thing we have, but in fast times, people can be slow to learn. Who matters in your life? Your mate? Your son or daughter? Your business partner?

         For William Primen, it takes a smart, beautiful lawyer with her heart in the right place to make his heart function once more. Selflessly committed to helping people she doesn’t even know, Faye teaches him the value of truly caring.

         It is this contrast that makes this story interesting in times like these. What will happen when we end up in a major crisis? What then is the value of money and material items? Will what we are able to buy or sell make us happy? If we have learned anything during the corona crisis, it is that we humans cannot do without the affections of other people. We are social animals that need each other. We need warmth, love, and affection, and loneliness is perhaps the greatest punishment of anyone on Earth.

         It is easy to say that money does not make you happy. That is an age-old motto and why we remain fascinated by characters who question the pursuit of riches above all. Money is necessary, and abundance is wonderful, but when we go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, life is about something much warmer and enduring, and that is love.